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Fly with passion over majestic Lake Atitlan. The entire tour lasts 2 hours, flying time about 30 to 45 minutes depending on weather conditions. This is truly a unique opportunity.


Volcanoes Tour 

San Pedro, Toliman and Atitlan

Personalized climbing trips can be arranged for the 3 Lake Atitlan volcanoes as well as other mountain adventures. Both day trips as well as camping are available.


Volcan San Pedro  

Daily departures: 6:30 am Panajachel to San Pedro. 5-7 hours.


Indian Nose Mountain Hike

Enjoy a variety of plants and birds, and various towns surrounding the lake from an excellent view from this beautiful mountain. 4-6 hours.


Canopy Tour (Zip Line)

Experience the adrenaline of a canopy tour with a breathtaking view of Lake Atitlan,  The tour is across 8 different cables, the longest is about 350 meters at an altitude of 175 meters. Estimated time is 45 minutes. The tour begins with a walk of 30 minutes in a coffee plantation through a diversity of plants and birds, then jump on the first wire. After the tour you can visit different parts of the park, waterfall, hanging bridges, butterfly garden and a beach with a beautiful garden, and finish by taking a dip in the turquoise water.


Mountain Biking Tour around Lake Atitlan

There are fabulous opportunities for bikers of every ability to explore around the lake, from gentle country roads to steep adrenaline drops.


Mountain Bike Tour (beginners)
4-hour ride between the towns of Tzununá, San Marcos, San Pablo (with a stop at the pristine beach) to take a break and swim, then proceed to San Juan culminating in San Pedro la Laguna. Departure at any time during the morning.


Bike Tour in nature trail (one drop)
Feel the adrenaline in a mountain bike, with a spectacular view of San Antonio, Santa Catarina and the lake. Starting at l.800 meters from sea level.


Mountain Bike Tour (Community) Plank, Montemercedez, Concepcion, Pena Blanca and Panajachel.

Enjoy a ride on two wheels, moving in fields of corn, vegetables and a mountain forest, with stunning views of Lake Atitlan and the surrounding villages. Visit the colonial church of Concepción and view a variety of fifteenth century imagery. Then continue to decline in ancient trails to reach Panajachel. Departure at any time of day, goes by minibus from Panajachel to the starting point.


Tour on horseback of San Pedro, Playa Dorada

Ride through nature trails of and see a native Tzutuhil community, view coffee crops and vegetable farms, enjoy the pleasure of a lake view while riding. 4 hours.


Private Lake Tour of 3 Villages:

San Marcos, San Juan la Laguna, Santiago Atitlan (highly recommended)

-San Marcos: With a beautiful view of Lake, walk the tranquil and tropical nature trails and enjoy lunch at one of several excellent restaurants. 1 hour.
-San Juan la Laguna: Coffee plantations, art galleries, traditional paintings, natural dyes textiles, and open air museum. 1.5 hours.
-Santiago Atitlan: woodwork, tocoyal, Maximon (ancient deity), and the oldest colonial church on the lake. 2 hours. Includes private boat transport.


Kayaking Tour Panajachel, Santa Catarina, The Hot Springs

Leave Panajachel to kayak through Santa Catarina Palopo to reach the hot springs 40 minutes to 1 hour to relax, then return to Panajachel. Advisable to do so during the morning. 4 hours.


Walking Tour from Santa Cruz La Laguna

Enjoy 1 or 2 short scenic hikes around the lake, up to Jaibalito, stop at one of several charming restaurants along the way. 1-2 hours.


Coffee Tour in San Juan la Laguna. Taste of coffee 100% organic

Observe the different types of coffee plant, a variety of birds and plants including corn, bananas, and trees that shade the coffee. Purchase freshly harvested coffee. 4-6 hours.


Diving Tour in Santa Cruz la Laguna

Leaving Panajachel by boat to Santa Cruz la Laguna. 3 hour tour and 45 minutes of diving into the most beautiful lake in the world at a depth of 25 meters. Half day.


Bird Watching at Atitlan Nature Reserve

There are marked trails for a pleasant and safe journey to enjoy observation of several species of birds in the watershed region Atitlan. Walk through a forest and you can also see the lake and its volcanoes from a strategic viewing point.
Hours of observation 6 - 9 am and 5 - 6:30 pm.


Los Tarrales

It has trails, botanical gardens, coffee plantations, platforms and strategic locations for bird watching, as well as a lagoon. Los Tarrales also features two golf courses in 3 hours and another 5-7 hours.



El Nido Gardens

For the nature and bird lover, Sylvia and Jim have created a giant botanical wonder just a stone’s throw from Villas B’alam Ya. Enjoy a guided tour of their beautiful gardens with over 1000 species of trees and plants. 1-2 hours.




There is one single kayak, one double kayak and one canoe for your complimentary use.  There are also two rowing sculls. Please ask for help launching the boats and retrieving the life vests and paddles. We suggest you use the calm mornings for your water outings. 

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